Family Dentistry

At Dr. Gaudio’s office, we are here to take care of your whole family! We offer complete dental and oral hygiene solutions for everyone, and our staff are caring and qualified so that we can ensure that even the most apprehensive child feels comfortable and at home. We encourage families to arrange regular, scheduled appointments. Your teeth are constantly under attack from:

  • Bacteria
  • Acidic food
  • Prescribed medications
  • Contact sports

Skipping an all-important dental or hygiene appointment can lead to:

  • Enlarged cavities.
  • Thickening bacterial coating.
  • Acid-attacked enamel falling away.
  • Irritated gums that start to bleed.

Convenient and Caring

We are based at 530 E. Main St. Building, Ste. 2C, conveniently close to where you live and work. Schedule an appointment for the entire family, and we promise to give you something to smile about: we provide affordable, gentle and friendly care with positive solutions for your family’s dental concerns. We don’t lecture you or your children- we work with your whole family to provide realistic solutions and enable you to make informed decisions.