Sports Guard

Sports and recreation accidents are among the most common reasons for dental trauma, with more than 5 million teeth being knocked out during sporting activities every year. The American Dental Association reports that more than 200,000 mouth injuries are prevented each year because of the use of PlaySafe® sports mouthguards.

When should you use a mouth-guard?

  • During any recreational activity or sport where there is risk of contact to the face, particularly the risk of being hit in the jaw or head.

Why use a custom laminated mouth-guard (CLM)?

  • The guard will help to absorb and distribute the impact of a hit to the facial area.
  • A custom-fit guard will protect oral tissue from laceration by shielding the tongue, lips, gums and cheeks.
  • The guard will also help to shield your brain from concussion by lessening the impact of a strike to the lower jaw.
  • It will safeguard your jaw joints from dislocation or fracture, supporting the lower jaw against your skull.
  • Overall, the guard may save you from requiring expensive dental treatment, facial disfigurement as well as time away from school or work.
  • Boil-and-bite guards, and other over-the-counter options, are not as effective as custom-fabricated varieties. They do not maintain sufficient density, form and fit as time passes, and will likely wear away. They cannot not be modified and require you to keep your mouth clenched, interfering with your inhaling and speaking. They do not take into account the degree of competition, the sport being played, the player’s age, or their track record of injury and concussion.
  • We recommend custom-laminated mouth guards, because they remain in position with no effort in an open mouth and are designed specifically for each individual player. They are produced by a dentist, who will take an impression and create a plaster version of your teeth.
  • Choose from four different levels of protection according to your age and level of sporting activity: Light, Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy.
  • Choose from multiple colours, add your custom team-name or logo, and even a helmet strap.